Environmental ConservationADOPT -A- TREE INITIATIVE

“Time spent among trees is never time wasted.”

About ‘Adopt a Tree Initiative’

Adopt a Tree’ Initiative is an expansion of the mission of Andgate Foundation to promote community livelihoods, provide home-grown solutions and build community resilience against the devastating effects of climate change through the youthful populace. The Initiative is domesticating strategies to infuse interest in community service learning at a young age in line with the new curriculum at primary education levels. The Foundation will establish a network for participants to facilitate dialogue, information exchange and sharing on environmental conservation.

The key objectives of the project

  1. To help reduce Carbon emissions by supporting tree planting because as trees grow they soak up carbon dioxide. It is estimated that six native trees will absorb about 1 tonne of CO2 per year. If Three Hundred Thousand (300,000) students each plant and nurture thirty six (36) trees, this will translate to 300,000×36 = 10,800,000 trees consuming approximately 1,800,000 tonnes of CO2 per year
  2. To support the development of thinking skills by learners in the context of their studies, daily life and careers.
  3. To provide an opportunity for the youth populace to participate in building community resilience to climate change as well as promote the achievement of food and nutritional security for sustainable development among other Big Four initiatives under the Vision 2030.
  4. To foster both ecological and economic benefits to the local communities.
  5. To establish partnerships with public and private sector that will mitigate on the climate change effects.

Adopt a Tree Project Overview

The ‘Adopt a Tree’ initiative will be implemented through learners drawn from mid and upper primary schools (Standard 4-8); also referred to as Junior Primary Schools in the ongoing Competency based Curriculum. The project is targeting approximately 300,000 pupils who will be drawn from Six Hundred and Fifty Two (652) primary schools within Siaya County. Siaya County has diverse tree cover of both exotic and indigenous species. The County has only two (2) gazetted forests namely: Got Ramogi and Got Abiero among other potential forest sites which are yet to be formally recognized by the government. The rapid population growth and urban sprawl in Bondo and Siaya towns has been a cause of deforestation in the county arising from over exploitation of forests for agriculture, animal grazing, harvest for fuel wood and logging. The population increase has increased the demand for wood products and pasture land exerting undue pressure on the existing forest vegetation. Through the Initiative, each pupil will be supported to identify, plant and/or adopt at least twelve (12) seedlings per year for the next three (3) years amounting to thirty six (36) seedlings each. The trees will be planted/adopted within their small scale holder subsistence farms owned by family units or within existing homesteads, Schools, Church compounds, playgrounds, parks and any other suitable sites to promote environmental conservation.

Adopt a Tree Project Activities

  • Google mapping of forest cover for the identified schools within Siaya County
  • Inception Meeting and Launch of Initiative with Administrators, Schools, Churches, Partners from both Public and Private Sectors and local Communities.
  • Development of communication materials and awareness creation among stakeholders
  • Establishment and Support of Tree Nurseries at the primary schools for sustainability and to manage losses.
  • Site Visits and Engagement with participants to assess progress
  • Monitoring, evaluation and reporting of progress

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Sponsors can either be an individual, more than two people can co-sponsor, or an organization.

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