The Impact£ 400 yearlySponsor the child fully or partlyStretch out a hand and change a child's story

With £400, you can send a needy child to school for a year! You can either sponsor the child fully or partly. Stretch out a hand and change a child's story.

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Students in Need of Your Sponsorhip


    STUDENT’S PROFILE Yussuf is a very hardworking and bright boy from Wajir County Hadado sub-county. He was the top of his school in the KCPE exams 2020. Unfortunately Yussuf comes from an underprivileged background that is unable to see him through his education moving forward. His parents are both jobless, and the mother is sickly....


    STUDENT’S PROFILE Abubakar is a brilliant young boy who was the top scorer in his national exams at Abu-Hureyra Primary School. He has consistently had good performance even though he comes from a very needy background. His mother who is the only bread winner is a house wife who only depend on odd jobs to...


    In need of sponsorship...


    In my entire life I have been staying with my grandmother who has been struggling to pay my school fees up to class eight in Kubar Primary School. I have been longing to continue with my studies but since I stay with my grandmother who has been struggling through thick and thin to bring food to the table I am unable to continue with my studies. ...


    Bramuel is one very bright but disadvantaged boy. He lives with his grandmother back in their rural home. Bramuel is a top performer in school, despite many family and financial challenges. All this not withstanding, Bramuel still believes that his dream to become a surgeon will one day be a reality. ...


    Isaack is a brilliant young boy who was the top scorer in his national exams in Mahaya sub location where he comes from. He has always had consistent good performance even though he comes from a very needy background. His parents are both jobless, and the mother is sickly. This family of six can hardly get their basic needs as they make way too little to even support themselves....


    Purity lives with her grandmother in a village called Kikonde. Her mother is ailing and has a liver condition making it practically impossible to work. This young girl's dream is to become a doctor so that one day she will be the solution to the problems and the difficulties they have been through. ...


    Joseph lost his father in 2011 who was the sole breadwinner. Raised by his mother, he has a bright academic future if given a chance. He cannot further his education if not given financial assistance....

Sponsored Students


Student Success Stories


    ALUMNI Another alumni, who currently has secured a slot at University of Eldoret taking Education Science. Dominick joined Andgate Foundation in 2018 after scoring highly in his Primary education but was unable to continue due to lack of school fees.AndGate Foundation was able to support him for the four year journey to ensure that his...


    Our alumni, currently studying at Karatina University taking Bachelor of Arts, Education....


    Sponsored by Julian Wottoon...


    . Alumni We are delighted to have supported James through his secondary education. Having performed so well in his K.C.S.E exams, the second best in his region, James has now secured a slot at Egerton University pursuing Biomedical Science. Many thanks to all AndGate team. ​ ​...

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5. Enter Business No. 516600.
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Bank name : Diamond Trust Bank (DTB)
Branch name : DTB center
Bank code : 063
Branch code : 052
Swift code : dtkekena
Ksh A/C No: 0459408001
USD A/C No: 0459408002


Some frequently asked questions to do with AndGate Foundation

Andgate Foundation will link and connect sponsors to prospective beneficiaries through its website. A prospective sponsor will select the child they wish to sponsor by going through their profile.

Andgate Foundation will post the annual fees as provided in the fee structure. As a sponsor, you can choose to sponsor either fully or partially.

Enter your answer here. Be thoughtful with your answer, write clearly, and consider adding examples. Remember, your reader wants to know more about your company, so provide all the details you can.

Yes you can sponsor as many children as you want as long as you are capable.

Sponsors can either be an individual, more than two people can co-sponsor, or an organization.

Yes, the amount of school fee charged is always arrived after factoring in the government subsidy.

Andgate Foundation will provide the exact fees payable for the particular child in accordance with the school fee structure. In some cases, Andgate Foundation will indicate any additional payments in regard to meeting the personal needs of the child such as shopping, pocket money, and money to cater for transport from home to school. This will be on a case-by-case basis.

You can either select a child on your own by selecting from the website or you can request the Andgate Foundation to help you select a child.

Sponsors can either be an individual, more than two people can co-sponsor, or an organization.

Your sponsorship will assist a child who would have missed school due to lack of school fees to attend school and in turn breaking the poverty cycle.