Board Chairman

Jared is the vision bearer of the AndGate Foundation. An aircraft engineer with immense contribution to the world of aviation. Other than the AndGate foundation, Jared is a board member in the International Federation of airworthiness and the organization's vice president for the African region "My dream for AndGate was a unique one! In my quest to further my education, I ended up getting help from people who could not even pronounce my name.

I met Professor Roger Wootton at the City University of London who helped shaped my life to date. My first contact with Roger was along the stairs to the main reception at the university, it was my first time and I asked him if he could guide me to the administration office where I could make inquiries on aircraft engineering courses. He gladly accepted and took me through an almost 200 m walk to the administration office. Little did I know that the man walking with me was actually the course director that I needed to ultimately see. He humbly ushered me to the administration office, where I found a queue of 2 people ahead of me. When my turn came, two admin ladies, Chloe and Kate broke into laughter and Chloe told me, "you just walked in with him, do you want to see him one more time?" I said yes! I met Roger finally in his office, he struggled a lot to pronounce my surname and the laughter continued. He took me through the course requirements and I got admitted and that was the beginning of life-changing moments with him. Roger instilled a winning mentality in me. When I was almost giving up at the university due to school fees, he made me apply for the AJ Walter scholarship which was an open advert worldwide essay writing competition. I wrote the best essay thanks to Roger and I won the sponsorship!

During the award ceremony at the Company’s new Group headquarters near Gatwick Airport in London, Boris Wolstenholme, CEO of AJW Aviation struggled to pronounce my surname, just like Roger did. My university fee was paid by people who couldn’t even pronounce my name, let alone knowing me or any of my family members! Roger made me pick on my list of favorite thesis topic, and it became my best, that was Roger Wootton ! When I went to thank him for his support on the scholarship, he told me not to thank him but to instead pass on the baton. This is how AndGate foundation came to be. May the soul of this great scholar, mentor and personal friend Roger Wootton rest in peace! In his spirits we have AndGate foundation today, so long live Roger Wootton!"


Board Member

Julian is a Board Member of the AndGate Foundation. He has previously been a Management Consultant for 8 years when he focused on making positive change for Energy, Water and Infrastructure companies, and is now the Co-Founder of GoBoat London with the mission to make the waters accessible to all.

“I am committed to making the world a better place through education and the work of the AndGate Foundation. Whilst growing up I was fortunate to have had excellent education through School and University. Along the way, I learned from some fantastic teachers and met some wonderful people who continue to inspire me. Education can sometimes be taken for granted by some, but for others, it is elusive and unaffordable. When I met Jared, his story and aspirations inspired me. To help fund education for children who would otherwise be unable to afford it is a great cause. Many of us have been supported in our own lives through education, and to be able to pay it forward onto the next generation is an honor and of great importance. The work of the AndGate Foundation changes the lives of children, their families, and generations to come and is an incredibly valuable investment for our future.”


Board Member

Mr. Amos Oyomba Board Member and CEO, Perfect infotech International limited(PII LTD). Amos has an inbuilt passion for supporting the less fortunate. His drive is from a personal story based on childhood experience. "No one ever so the need to take me to school, I took myself! I walked into a local primary school in my village, with no idea really what it was that I was going in for. The entry test was simple, I only needed to demonstrate that I was able to touch one of my ears from the opposite hand and I did it! That's how I joined class one.

The biting poverty was overbearing in my childhood, going to school was sort of a luxury to many in the community. As fate would have it, I pulled through to year eight and performed exemplary well in the KCPE exams. Like many kids in Andgate foundation, I didn't have the school fee to join form one. My peers joined secondary school in January, I couldn't! I got myself into casual menial jobs to raise my school fee! I became a truck loader at the age of 15 when my age mates were in school.

The struggle wasn't in vain! Nine months later at the beginning of the third term, I joined form one thanks to well-wishers who so the potential in me! AndGate dream is a true reflection of my story, today I'm CEO of PII Ltd with branches across seven African countries. I pulled through because someone else believed in me. I choose to be in this mission to support the needy kids with pride!"


Board Member

Catherine Kiriba is a highly experienced Customer Management Practitioner, with a strong focus on Quality Analysis, Operational Excellence, Training, and Business Development.

Catherine Kiriba is a go-getter, an avid reader with an inquisitive mind. She holds a Masters degree in International Relations from the University of Nairobi, a Bachelors Degree in Anthropology from the same University, and a certificate in Leadership from Wits Business School in South Africa.


Board Member

Dr. Margaret Awuor Owuor is a lecturer at South Eastern Kenya University, Kenya. Margaret trained as a teacher during her Bachelor’s degree in Education Science (Zoology and Botany) at Kenyatta University, Kenya. From here she developed a lot of interest in empowering young people and the community. This is evident through the many environmental education activities she has undertaken to help her community conserve the environment to avert the negative impacts of climate change through tree planting.

One thing she appreciates is that were it not for scholarships and fellowships, she would not have been where she is today. Margaret is a beneficiary of the European Union (EU) funding under the Erasmus Mundus Scholarships (Masters and PhD). Scholarships and fellowships are taxpayers’ money from the different countries that are part of the EU. “They are people I have never met, but they helped shape my life”.

Back in Kenya during my junior school, my education was aided by family, relatives, and friends. Therefore, I too see the need to help other children realize their dreams through the AndGate Foundation. Join me and the world in achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) no. 4 (Quality Education) for all through the AndGate Foundation.


Board Member

Mr. Albert Timothy Mwangeka is a Base Maintenance Manager with Kenya Airways.

Albert is a trained aeronautical engineer licensed by Kenya Civil Aviation Authority & European Safety Agency. With over his 19 years experience in the field of aircraft maintenance, he has developed a passion for nurturing talent and growth for the next generation aviators and decided to bring this nurturing back to the grassroots.

He is committed to bridging the education gap by providing for the bright less fortunate students so that success opens up a world of possibilities for them and gives them something to strive for through AndGate Foundation.